Queen Elizabeth's School (QE Boys)

About the school: 
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School founded in 1573 is an all-boys school situated not far from the heart of London and known for its excellent academic record. The Academy also has a specialist status in music, which is no doubt key to its notable success. Across multiple activities including rugby, cricket, athletics and water polo the school keeps its pupils physically active while they nurture their talents. They pride themselves on investing in these areas and ensuring that their pupils flourish outside of the classroom too.

The Selection Process:

 Admission to Queen Elizabeth’s School is by academic selection, following an entrance examination taken in September. With an average of 10 applications per available spot in Year 7, parents and prospective students are encouraged to attend the school’s open day in July, which will have them ask any outstanding questions about the school’s academic admissions standards.

A thorough explanation of Queen Elizabeth’s admissions process can be found on the school's website (www.qebarnet.co.uk/).

The Aptitude Test:

At Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE), Barnet, the 11+ entrance exam consists of two multiple-choice tests - English and Maths. Both papers are taken by candidates at the same time.

The scores from both tests are combined and standardised (including age standardisation) in order to produce an overall entrance test score for each candidate. In the previous years the following scores are deemend to have secured admission:

2018: Standardised Scores Range (Successful admission) 234 - 277

2019: Standardised Scores Range (Successful admission) 241 - 273

2020: Standardised Scores Range (Successful admission) 231 - 282

How to prepare?

We believe that 1.5 years of dedicated effort will give students the best chance of clearing the QE Boys exam. To help students prepare for this exam, we provide the following resources:

1. QE Revision & Crash Course: This course comprehensively covers all the basic material for the QE school entrance exam and would be ideal as a learning or a revision tool. Each module has a short video lesson and then a quiz based on that session so that a strong knowledge and understanding is built up.  Access to partner resources for additional practice.

2. QE Mock Exams: Each full-length exam contains 2 individual sessions, based on the QE pattern. We offer both Online and In-person (Physical) mocks for the QE Exam.

- The first session is for 50 minutes and comprises English questions.
- The second session is for 50 minutes and contains Maths questions.

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