Henrietta Barnett School

About the school: 

HBS is an all-female grammar school located in Hampstead Garden Suburb and has approximately 745 students. The typical number of places for year 7 is 100 and the acceptance rate in 2020 was approximately 3.3%. To find out more about their admissions, go to https://www.hbschool.org.uk/434/admissions/year-7

For their selection process, HBS use both GL assessment questions and their own papers. They don’t release practice papers, but they recommend that children preparing for the test practise questions for the GL assessment.

The Selection Process:

HBS offer places through a ranking of combined academic results from their aptitude tests, from which the top 100 scorers are typically offered a place. When there are too many suitable candidates, priority is given to those children who are, of have been in, care, to those living within 3 miles of the school, and to those who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding.

 It is very hard to predict what score will be sufficient to qualify for a place, since scores vary from year to year and are standardised. In September 2018, the lowest admitted score was 234.99, but HBS do not have a cut-off score so there is variation year on year.

Post Round1, students who achieve a rank in the top 300 and live within the defined catchment area are expected to be offered a place at the school and for the remaining students, offers are based on the combined Round 1 & Round 2 scores.

The Aptitude Test:

The aptitude test is divided into two stages, stage 2 is by invitation only with the top 300 students from stage 1 (approximately 10% of total students who apply) receiving an invitation.

Stage 1 Examination: Verbal reasoning, Non-Verbal reasoning and English testing. Multiple choice questions are used, and this follows the GL Assessment. The test is approximately 70 minutes in length.

Stage 2 Examination: Mathematical and English testing. The English section is usually on comprehension and creative writing skills, whereas the Maths tends to be problem-solving based questions. Questions for this stage are created by the school. This stage is only for those ranked in the top 300 candidates from stage 1. The test is approximately 70 minutes in duration.

How to prepare:

We believe that 1.5 years of dedicated effort will give students the best chance of clearing the Henrietta Barnett exam. To help students preparing for this exam, we provide the following resources:

1. Henrietta Barnett Revision & Crash Course: This course comprehensively covers all the basic material for the Henrietta Barnett school entrance Round 1 and would be ideal as learning or a revision tool. Each module has a short video lesson and then a quiz based on that session, so that a strong knowledge and understanding is built up. 

2. Creative Writing Course: As part of this course, students will learn the basics of Creative Writing, including the importance of figurative language and other tools in developing a vivid and engaging writing style. On completion of the course, children will be more confident and better equipped to tackle creative writing tasks and exercises, maximising their chances of clearing the creative writing section for the 11+ exam.

3. Henrietta Barnett Mock Exams: Each full-length exam contains 2 rounds, based on the Henrietta Barnett Assessment pattern. In the actual exam, Round 2 is by invitation only with the top 300 students (approximately 10% of total students who apply) receiving an invitation. In the mock exam, all students will be able to give the Round 2 exam (which will be taken on the same weekend) but we would indicate in the score report if you were likely to have cleared Round 1.

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