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Online Mock: Sutton - 22nd June 2024

This is a Sutton SET mock exam.

Students who opt for the exam will have the option to purchase stage 2 of the exam separately for payment of £25.

Stage 1: Consists of two papers - English and Maths, each lasting 45 minutes and includes multiple-choice based questions.
Stage 2: Consists of English and Maths, the English section contain a Creative Writing task.

In the actual exam, Stage 2 is by invitation only, with approximately the top 10% of total students who apply receiving an invitation. In the online mock exam, all students will be able to give the stage 2 exam (which will be taken on the same weekend) for a separate payment of £25.

The test will open at 9:00 AM on Saturday 22nd June 2024 and close at 10:00 PM Monday 23rd June 2023.

Full score analysis will follow within 5 days, detailed solutions will be provided.

Note: We are not associated with Sutton schools or any other organisation.
  • Mock exam will open on Saturday 22nd June 2024 at 9:00am
  • Instructions
  • English Practice Questions
  • English Section
  • Break Time (30 mins recommended)
  • Maths Practice Questions
  • Maths Section
  • Test Complete
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed