Welcome to a summer of learning!

Online 11Plus camps

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Subject-wise Intensive Courses

Video courses - Quizzes - Assignments

Math Camp


- Basic operations

- Numbers & place values

- Fractions, decimals & ratios

- Shapes

- Measures, Time & Money

- Probabilities

- Graphs & data

English Camp


- Comprehension 1

- Punctuation

- Spellings

- Parts of speech

- Sentence completion

-  Advanced comprehension

VR Camp


- Hidden Words

- Synonyms & Antonyms

- Making new words

- Maths & sequences

- Codes

- Odd one out

- Word problems

NVR Camp


- Groups

- Missing shapes

- Associations

- Nets & Dices

- Spatial Reasoning 

- Paper folding

Each camp will be followed by an assessment to consolidate the learning from the course.
Prizes for top performers!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are spaces limited on these courses?

We do have limited spaces available for our summer courses and would encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment. If you are not satisfied with your course, you are able to get a full refund within the first two days.

2. Do you offer a trial?

We offer a full money-back guarantee within the first two days of the start of the course. We have run these courses in the past with tremendous feedback (see the individual course pages to see parent/student feedback) and are confident your child will love it!

3. Is there a live teacher present during these courses?

For some of the courses, for example in the vocabulary starter and booster courses, there are live group exercises where the mentor is present.

For most courses, teaching happens through recorded videos and supported by assignments and quizzes - which keep the course interactive and fun. In case of urgent queries, students are able to contact their mentor through the portal messaging system or through the 'Live Chat' feature of the website or through WhatsApp.