11Plus Denbigh School Exam

Denbigh School, Milton Keynes

About the school: 

Denbigh School is located on the West Flank of Milton Keynes. The school has approximately 1750 students aged 11 to 19. They are recognised by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) as a good school and are a member of the Denbigh Alliance Multi Academy Trust.

The typical number of places for year 7 is 260 and the acceptance rate in 2020 was approximately 21%.

The Selection Process:

The council co-ordinates school admissions process for all children resident within Milton Keynes. In Milton Keynes, there is no right to a particular school place. Applicants can choose up to four ranked preferences for schools on their application. The defined catchment area* for the school comprises : Two Mile Ash, Great Holm, Loughton, Crownhill, Shenley Church End and Shenley Lodge. 

The school reserves 10% of the seats (26 seats) to be filled through an open aptitude test. Students who clear the test are exempt from the catchment rule and are selected on the basis of academic ability.

The Aptitude Test:

Denbigh school uses a Non-Verbal Reasoning test to establish aptitude. This test is not directly linked to National Curriculum subjects but is designed to assess a child’s potential to reason and think a problem through.

Typically there are 60 Non-Verbal Reasoning questions to be completed in 30 minutes and no other sections/topics included in the test. 

As the number of seats is very limited, competition tends to he high and pass marks for admission can run as high as 52 out of 60.

*Note: Catchment areas are subject to change and parents are encouraged to visit the school website for the latest information.

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