Christmas Creative Writing Contest

How my superhero saved Christmas

Dear student/parent,

We loved reading all the stories from the competition and are delighted to share with you the results as well as the top three entries.

Read the first place entry - click here
Read the second place entry - click here
Read the third place entry - click here

Next steps

Step 1: Understanding your individual scores

You should have received your individual scores and achievements (please login to the website and check your messages (on top bar), please use the marking scheme below to understand what the various score buckets mean:
Distinction : 80+
Merit : 60 - 79
Pass : 50 - 59
Needs improvement : Below 49

Step 2: Get your certificate

Your submissions in the course have been passed and now you can move ahead in the course to a short feedback form and after that you will be issued with your certificate.

Please make sure your 'first name' and 'last name' reflect what you want to appear on the certificate. If you need to change these, you can do so from the 'My info' section which comes when you click on your username on the top bar.

Step 3: Our Creative Writing full course

We are proud to announce the launch of our 'Creative Writing' course. Please use the link below to register, the course starts 20th of Jan 2021. 

To celebrate the launch of the course, we are offering a 50% discount using the code 'CW50' which is valid till 31 Jan 2021.