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QE Revision & Crash Course

This course comprehensively covers all the basic material for QE Boys entrance and would be ideal as learning or a revision tool. Each module has a short lesson and then a quiz based on that session so that a strong knowledge and understanding is built up. All the lessons can be viewed multiple times, so children can go back to sections they didn't understand as many times as they need to.

Free taster module:

Two video lessons every week:
Video lessons comprehensively cover key theoretical concepts for the exam. The lessons are sprinkled with timed quizzes to ensure understanding. Access to carefully selected partner resources for additional practice.

Duration: Approximately 1.5 months.

Money-back guarantee: If you don't like the course after 1 week, please ask for a full refund by emailing

Course Introduction: QE Revision & Crash Course

  • Course Introduction - QE Target 2022 sample
  • Lesson 1: Maths - Basic Operations 1
  • Maths Basic Operations - Addition, Subtraction
  • Additions and Subtraction Problems Quiz
  • Maths Basic Operations - Multiplication
  • Multiplication Quiz
  • Maths Basic Operations - Division
  • Times Table Quiz
  • Division Quiz
  • Factors, Multiples and Estimations
  • Factors, Multiples and Estimations Quiz
  • Assessment Lesson 1
  • EducationalQuizzes - Basic Operations
  • Lesson 2: English - Basic Comprehension 1
  • Reading Comprehension 1
  • Reading Comprehension 1 Quiz
  • Assessment Lesson 2
  • EducationalQuizzes - Comprehension Exercises
  • Lesson 3: Maths - Numbers & Place Values
  • Numbers and Place Values
  • Numbers and Place Values Quiz 1
  • Numbers and Place Values 2
  • Numbers and Place Values Quiz 2
  • Assessment Lesson 3
  • EducationalQuizzes - Numbers and Place Values
  • Next Lesson Available: Thursday
  • Lesson 4: English - Punctuation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed