About us

Oxbridge Institute was created to fill a gap in the education sector in relation to the 11+ Exam which is used to screen children for entrance to grammar and private schools.

The program was created by Sumit Mittal, an MBA from Oxford University who resides in Milton Keynes. Mr Mittal spent many years preparing students for a range of exams, from primary school to college, including GMAT prep, business skills and interview coaching. However, in general, he felt that the options available for educational support were lacking. 

“Parents can pay for private tutelage, or download an e-learning software program, but there is nothing in between. It simply made no sense to have so few options of supporting children undertaking such a significant exam.”

The Oxbridge Institute platform allows users the convenience to access the portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - allowing for child-led learning on-demand. The weekly content includes digital content, such as webinars and videos, with social learning, through the use of medals and leader-boards. All this is overseen by a dedicated coach who provides feedback, sets tasks and customises assignments for the student - guiding them along their learning journey.

Coaches are handpicked, with only those who have a graduate or post-graduate degree from Oxford or Cambridge Universities being selected for the role. Each coach is assigned to specific students, allowing for continuity along the learning pathway and allowing for a tailored response to each pupil.

Oxbridge Institute aims to level the playing field, with courses starting from just £24.99 a month - significantly less than the £200+ per month for private tutoring. 

Email us at sumit@OxbridgeInstitute.co.uk for any parent/media queries.