About us

ECorporate Oxbridge Institute is an education and ‘test prep’ services provider, helping students excel in key exams such as the 11 Plus.
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Our Online Courses

Here at The Oxbridge Institute, we want our students to not only excel in their studies, but to learn to love learning.


Outstanding tutoring

All of our tutors are sourced from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and are DBS checked. Their exceptional academic ability inspires our students to excel, and ensures that all of our content is of the highest quality.


Progress rewards

Our gamification badges and progress trackers motivate young learners to improve. This makes learning more interactive and fun than in the classroom.


Flexible learning

Anytime, anywhere. Our learners have full access to all of our bite-sized online modules, so they are able to learn at a time that best suits them. Modules are continuously available, so students can repeat and revisit topics as and when they need to.


Complete 11+ preparation

Our course covers all Maths, English, Verbal reasoning, and Non-Verbal reasoning skills required for the 11+. We also design our questions to follow specific exam boards so that our students are able to practise a variety of question types.


Diverse learning styles

The course content is divided into video lessons, interactive quizzes, and mock tests. The course also includes access to our Book Club, weekly exercises, and our fun ‘Brain Games’.


Meet the creator

Sumit Mitta

Sumit has a dual MBA from Oxford University and Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Currently based in Buckinghamshire, he spent many years preparing students for a range of exams, from primary school to college, including GMAT prep, business skills and interview coaching. Many of his students are studying at top global Business Schools.

“Competition for Grammar school places is significant. Currently, parents can pay for private tutelage, or source home learning books, but there is nothing in between. It makes little sense to have so few options of supporting children undertaking such a significant exam. We created Ecorporate Oxbridge Institute to help bridge this gap and make it financially accessible to a wider range of families without spending thousands of pounds doing what is best for their child.”

Contact us:

Email us at sumit@OxbridgeInstitute.co.uk with any queries.